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Elbourn Architects Fees

There are no fixed fees for Architects services, each project is unique and Elbourn Architects will  carefully consider the particular individual aspects of each task before quoting a fee.

Before the fee can be agreed the following points need to be established:

- the project details and Architects services to be provided

- the procurement method

- an approximate construction cost

- the project timetable.

After an initial meeting with the client and having considered the project  in some depth Elbourn Architects will submit a Fee Proposal. This proposal will usually relate to the RIBA Plan of Work Stages

Stage A/B Appraisal/ Design Brief

Stage C Concept Design  

Stage D Design Development, usually includes submission for Planning Approval

Stage E Detail Technical Design

Stage F Production Information i.e. working drawings and Specification and Schedules etc.

This Stage usually includes submission for Building Control Approval

Stage G/H Tender Documentation and Action

Stage J/K Construction

We will normally quote a fixed fee relating to the work stage(s) we have been commissioned to work on. Architects fees are often quoted as a % of the overall construction cost and our fees are partly based on this but also take other matters into account. The fee for a complete service (taking the project through all the Work Stages from C to K) could vary between 5% and 14% of construction cost depending on various factors such as the size of the project, complexity of the building type and whether the project includes work to an existing building or a listed building.

As an example the fee for a complete service to provide a one off new build house with a construction cost of £500,000 might be approximately equivalent to 8% of the construction cost. Other examples could be as follows:

As noted above each project and therefore each fee proposal will be different. Clients will also have to budget for other costs such as other consultant’s fees (e g Structural Engineer) Local Authority Fees VAT etc.


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